11 August, 2017

Call to Worship


God of waiting

Help us to wait on your coming

As we come into this time of worship

We will wait on the Spirit’s prompting and call

Come Lord Jesus come


Jesus as you walked along the lake,
the shore of people’s lives you called.

May we respond.

Jesus you called others to bring people to your message

May we likewise bring others to your message.

Jesus you call us to worship together.

May we with one heart
and one voice worship you.


Creator God you call us into being,

And our mouths proclaim your praise.

Redeemer God you save us and show the way,

And we follow in your path.

Enabling God you give us life,

And we continue to acknowledge your presence and open ourselves to your work.

Come let us worship God with all our life,

Together we join in the praise of God


Person 1 I runga I te Ingoa o te Atua, o te Matua,
O te Tama me te Wairua Tapu. Amine

Person 2 The Lord is here.
God’s Spirit is with us.

Person 3 Encircle this dwelling place with your protection, O God;
may your holy angels encompass these walls,
and peace be within them.

Person 4 Indwelling God, you are ever welcome in this house.
May we hear and share your Word.

Person 1 Above everything, love one another fervently,
for love covers many sins.

Person 2 May this place be for you a place where
relationships mature,
Person 3 quarrels are made up,
failures forgiven
Person 4 and strength renewed.