We are all called – 2013-07-07 – Sermon

The theme that pervades through today’s readings is call. The emphasis that I hear is not only are we called, but we are all called, we are all called into the ministry of our Lord Jesus. There is no dogging this, and saying it’s the job of the clergy. We are all called. We are called sometimes to different harvest fields, or maybe a different area of the field, but we are all called. We have to decide who is our Lord. And we show who is in control of our life, or who is our Lord be who we respond to.

Discipline the mind – 2013-06-23 – Sermon

The theme that runs through our readings today is discipline. We learn that we must discipline our minds. Now that is not the “tell-off” discipline, but rather the ordering, or structuring of our minds. We must discipline them. And it is not a draconian discipline, where we only allow our minds to experience certain things, but rather it is the discipline of controlling what we are exposed to, and making sure that our minds get a balanced diet. We don’t just want to feed our mind on junk food, rather our minds require a balance of input.