11 August, 2017

Celebration services

Celebration Services

Blessing of a ministry moment (Anniversary/Opening)

This service has been used for a 10th Anniversary of our Homestead for aged people, and the opening of a new entrance, and the opening of the Homestead’s “Men’s shed”.

Commissioning of a person in ministry

This service is used when we commission a new staff member. The symbols of ministry change to appropriate symbols for the role, some are included below.

Prayer Room Opening/Dedication

This service is used when we open a 24 hour prayer weekend. It is adapted from ANZPB p762-775, 873, 875.

Re-Affirmation of Baptismal Vows

Sometimes for pastoral reasons a person who was baptised as an infant, might feel they are being called by God to re-affirm their baptismal vows made by their guardians on their behalf, this time in full immersion and outside of a confirmation service. The words of re-affirmation most easily fit within a baptism service where others are being baptised. The re-affirmation part of this service was originally used in a Presbyterian context, before being used by other Anglican churches and later adapted and used within Papakura Parish. Selected parts from the ANZPB Baptism service are included to give you an idea of how this might be used.