11 August, 2017

Looking at Lent through the Passion readings – 3hr – Outline

The outline in ODT Lent series – 3 hour – Outline and PDF Lent series – 3 hour – Outline format.

I always spend a bit of time creating a service outline for our Good Friday Services, especially the 3 hour service. It gives those in involved a quick overview of where things are going, so you don’t, so to speak, miss the trees for the forest.

[12:00] Passion

Scripture Luke 22:1-2, 7-27 [NRSV]


HYMN Were you there

We now light 14 candles, during the first hymn

Reflection Mary Magdalene

SONG Be Still For the Presence of the Lord

MUSIC: Voluntary

Invitation to communion elements

Silence until 12:25

[12:25] Devotion

Scripture Mark 14:32-42 [NRSV]


CHANT Stay with me

Reflection Beloved Disciple

HYMN There is a green hill

MUSIC: Voluntary

Eat an olive

Silence until 12:50

[12:50] Loyalty

Introduction Loyalty

LOYALTY, has all to do with doing God’s will and not ours… To be loyal we must have DEVOTION.

Distribute palm crosses

Scripture Book-End Mark 14:35-36 [NRSV]

Scripture Matthew 26:1-5, 14-16, 20-25, 36, 46-56, 27:3-10 [NRSV]

Thought Betrayal – Barabas vs Jesus

HYMN My song is love unknown

Reflection Judas

MUSIC: Voluntary

Bring Palm Crosses forward
Silence until 13:15

Scripture Matthew 27:27-31, Luke 23:35-38 [NRSV]


HYMN O Sacred Head

Reflection Soldier

MUSIC: Voluntary

Reflect on violence in our lives, and society
Silence until 13:35

Scripture Mark 14:26-31, 53-54, 66-72 [NRSV]

Thought Loyalty requires forgiveness

HYMN Praise to the Holiest in the height

Reflection Peter

MUSIC: Voluntary

Lower the candle down to the flat.

Reflect on the change of God’s call on your life. Go and cup the candle, feel the warmth and Presence of God that Peter was trying to feel, but that he denied, take that experience back to your seat and sit with it.

Silence until 13:50

[13:50] Gratitude

Place the candle back up on the elevated sanctuary step

Scripture Luke 23:24-32 [NRSV]

Thought John 17 – Jesus’ farewell

SONG How Deep the Father’s Love

Reflection Simon of Cyrene

MUSIC: Voluntary

Come forward and write on the note paper something you can do to help another person, float that in the bowl of refreshment as your prayer

Silence until 14:15

[14:15] Grace

Scripture Luke 23:32-43 [NRSV]

CHANT Jesus Remember Me

SERMON forgiveness

HYMN When I survey


MUSIC: Voluntary

Who are you remembering before God today? Come and write it on the 3 cross. (Green background with 3 simple white crosses)

Silence until 14:35

[14:35] Love

Scripture John 19:18-42 [NRSV]


HYMN Glory be to Jesus

Reflection Mary Mother ofJesus

Silence for reflection

Extinguish candle and wrap in a shroud

Intercessions Babys and final Will and Testament

Lord’s Prayer

MUSIC: Voluntary

Silence until 12:55

[14:55] Dismissal


CHANT Jesus Remember Me

Affirmation of faith


Extinguish last candle

Leave in silence