11 August, 2017

Holy Week

Maundy Thursday – Foot Washing

We do this service in the dark, with black-light (UV Lights) and we wash feet with tonic water (the quinine makes it glow) We use white writing on a black background in the service sheet so that it glows. It takes 3 of the 2400watt UV lights, or 3 of the newer stage LED UV Lights to light up an area of about 5 x 7m.

Passover Meal

This was used for our Messy Church congregation. I do not know where it originated from, but it is highly adapted and modernised from the original. Some people would say that if you are not Jewish, and not going to “do it right” you should not do a passover meal. We saw this as a teaching opportunity, to learn about our Jewish brothers and sisters, and to learn about part of our heritage. We chose different family pairings to read parts. Mum and Sons, Mums and daughters, Dads and sons, Dads and Daughters. We used the grape juice “squirter” to re-fill the little communion grape juice glasses. We used an introduction, so people knew what we were doing and why. The majority of people had never experienced anything close to a passover meal.