11 August, 2017


All Church Christmas Play / Pageant

Written by Angela Blundell with bible versus from Matthew 1 and Luke 1 using the Contemporary English Version. First used 2014. The goal of this play was to do something in place of the traditional children’s Christmas play that involved minimal word learning for the children, low stress for the teachers and included much of the congregation in recreating the Christmas story. It would work particularly well if a church had a lot of preschoolers and younger primary children who may not be able to learn large parts.

Aotearoa/New Zealand Candle Lighting

Ideas that work with our seasons, especially around Advent and Christmas are difficult. Here is a gift to you, built around some of God’s Creation. First published in 2005. This edition, 2012.

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany Reflection series with candle lighting

In 2015 we painted different scenes of the advent and Christmas story on pieces of wood. Each week another scene/piece of wood was added. At the beginning of the service a thought was given, the faith community reflected on it with each other, the time was drawn to a close as the advent candle was lit on top of each scene. There was also a significant reflection given from the person in each scene.

Blue Christmas – A Collection of stations and ideas

A collection of ideas and stations that can be molded into a blue Christmas service.